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The Wizard of Oz awards Scarecrow an honorary Th.D (Doctor of Thinkology) degree. After receiving the degree, Scarecrow incorrectly recites the pythagorean theorem.
Stephen Fry illustrates the Pythagorean theorem using a water-filled model that represents the squares of each side as literal squares.
English schoolteacher Andrew and his students sing a song explaining the pythagorean formula: a2 + b2 = c2. They illustrate the appearance of a right triangle several times to reinforce the concept they are singing about.
Homer enters a bathroom and happens upon some glasses. He wears them, and in an attempt to be smart, incorrectly recites the pythagorean theorem. Someone in one of the bathroom stalls corrects his mistake.
David Stringer explains ancient Pythagoras' findings about right triangles. He illustrates the Pythagorean Theorem and explains how special right triangles with the ratio 3:4:5 can be scaled up to any size.