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Matt, Digit, and Slider make a fake ring that looks just like the original in order to trick Hacker. They have the plan from which the original ring was made and simply need to adjust the radius of the inner and outer circles. Digit is confused, so Matt explains what the radius is and how it influences the size of a circle. Slider uses a tool to create the correct ring size, while Digit adds the markings to finalize the fake ring.
In order to beat Dr. Strange, Spiderman uses geometry. He notices an Archimedes spiral and lists some geometric terms such as squaring the radius, dividing by Pi, and plotting points.
The team at Mathnet locates Grunt after searching for him for days. They use their understanding of his physiology, the geography, and math to get him home.
The team at Mathnet locates the house and the missing baseball.
The crew is trying to rob the Bellagio in Las Vegas, and Basher informs them that the only way to pull off the job is to use a "pinch." He describes the "pinch": an electromagnetic pulse that shuts down any power source within its blast radius. He describes the "pinch" as a nuclear bomb without the destruction to make it more concrete.