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War veteran Walt Kowalski is invited to his neighbor's house, where he is educated on the cultural practices of the Hmong people. He doesn't show them very much respect initially.
Jerry gifts Elaine a Native American statue and is unaware that one of her friends, Winona, is a Native American. He tries to make up for the situation but finds himself caught up using offensive jargon again.
Eddy, unaware of Rolf's customs, throws a fishball that Rolf made against a wall, which insults him. Eddy fails to recognize what he did to insult Rolf. When he tries to make up for it, he accidentally insults him further. To regain his honor, Rolf challenges Eddy to a duel.
A man displays multiple instances of being uncourteous towards those around him until an elderly woman expects him to help her cross the street. After this encounter, the man becomes more chivalrous and imposes a similar situation on another man whom he notices is also indifferent.
In an attempt to be sensitive, Micahel creates a list of things that the office members cannot mock about each other, which brings to light his lack of awareness to culture and feelings.