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Calvin institutes three new rules to make the barber shop more family-friendly and professional. His employees are not happy with some rules, as they limit what the employees can do.
When understanding derivatives, individuals learn about the power rule. Continuously, the power rule is used with integrals. This video explains how to find the "backwards" of a derivative to find the integral using the power rule. This also incldues an explanation of integrals of trigonomic functions as well as e.
This Crash Course video gives different explanations of derivatives. She iterates how to use the power rule with negative exponents as well as fractions.
This video explains the main focus of derivatives. This Crash Course Narrator, Shini, defines how to use mathematics to write derivatives and calculate them. Additionally, Shini introduces the Power Rule (which is a way to calculate derivatives)
Sahana, the host of Brainchild, conducts an experiment to see if people would eat a doughnut after it fell on the floor at the mall. The results might shock you. She explains the risks of the five-second rule and whether it is a myth or not...