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  • The DUFF: Labels Are Meaningless

    Has profanity
    Bianca Piper, a high school senior, tells her crush that she likes him, only to learn that he recently got back together with his girlfriend. When his girlfriend sees her, she threatens to release a video about her. Bianca stands up to her and gives her an empowering speech on self-image.

  • Bill Nye, the Science Guy: The Nutrition Label

    Bill explains how to read the nutrition facts and interpret the list of ingredients on packaged foods. He explains the meaning of some of the numbers, such as the percent daily value.

  • Beakman's World: Tricks with Density

    Beakman plays a trick on Lester where he labels one egg "F" to indicate that it will float and labels another egg "S" to indicate that it will sink. He then places them in two beakers of water. Beakman explains that he put sugar in one beaker of water so that the egg labeled "F" is now less dense than the water with sugar in it.

  • Newton: A Tale of Two Isaacs: Laws of Motion Fight

    A fight breaks out, and Isaac Newton watches the quarrel and draws conclusions about forces based on his observations. Each boy is considered a mass, and each of their pushes is a force. At the end of the scuffle, Newton labels his conclusions "The Laws of Motion." This clip is an excellent depiction of Newton's laws of motion in a real-world context.

  • The Simpsons: Numbered Doors

    Bart is running away from a group of kids from the neighboring town, Shelbyville. He enters a tiger feeding area and needs to exit through door number 7 to escape; otherwise, he'll encounter a man-eating tiger. However, the doors are labeled in roman numerals, and he doesn't know roman numerals. He uses his knowledge of Rocky movies to figure out the correct door to open.