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Using an oscilloscope, electronic keyboard, and piano, Bill Nye shows what the waves look like for sounds of varying pitches. He also explains how notes and rhythm play a role in forming what we define as music.
What are gravitational waves and how are they detected? These ripples in space-time, sometimes caused by neutron stars colliding, were recently recorded in the groundbreaking LIGO-Virgo observation.
Neil deGrasse Tyson explains how Albert Einstein correctly predicted the existence of gravitational waves.
Has profanity
The crew is in the middle of a terrible storm and takes a risk to head into the eye. They decide to turn around and head in a safer direction, but they encounter an enormous rogue wave and cannot escape from it in time.
Auguest of 1918 though that the flu managed to mutate becoming more viral and bringing with it an increased mortality rate this was the second wave of spanish flu