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Has profanity
Richard purchases tons of pizzas to burn through Slicelines funding so they become devalued and Pied Piper can acquire the company.
Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa are relaxing one night and looking up at the stars. Pumbaa asks if any of them have ever wondered about the stars, and Timon affirmatively states that they're fireflies that got stuck up there. Pumbaa mentions that he always thought starts were giant balls of burning gas. Simba thinks that the stars were once great kings that now look down over them.
Luke is eating dinner with his aunt and uncle and asks about enrolling in the pilot academy a year earlier. His uncle states that they need his help on the farm and that he will make it up to him next year. Luke gets frustrated and goes outside for a walk. In the distance, there are two suns setting since their planet is in a binary star system.
Mufasa expresses his disappointment to Simba for disobeying his orders and putting himself in danger. After, Mufasa tells Simba to look up at the stars whenever he is feeling lonely, as the kings of the past, and Mufasa himself, will always be there to guide him.
Countless stars dot the night sky. Learn how these celestial objects form, how they are classified by brightness and temperature, and what happens when they die.