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Malcolm explains to his brothers the difference between acceleration and velocity while watching TV. He explains that, at any given moment, the Earth is rotating at 1,000 MPH and traveling at almost 67,000 MPH.
The velociraptors rap about all of their traits. Learn more about these dinosaurs in their song!
This video gives an example of someone trying to find the height of their bedroom by using acceleration and velocity. This also incldues an explanation of the different aspects of integrals, velocity graphs, displacement curve, integral of acceleration, and the power rule in order for someone to solve the example. Additionally, the Crash Course video explains how to use constants in the equation.
Baseball is composed of several layer of yarn. Two types of rubber and a cushioned cork center. It's mass gives it great momentum. Velocity also plays a role in momentum, so if a ball has less mass, you need to hit it harder with a greater velocity.
Deborah King explains the science behind figure skating. Angular momentum, vertical velocity, and conservation of angular momentum all play a role in figure skating jumps.