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A fight breaks out, and Isaac Newton watches the quarrel and draws conclusions about forces based on his observations. Each boy is considered a mass, and each of their pushes is a force. At the end of the scuffle, Newton labels his conclusions "The Laws of Motion." This clip is an excellent depiction of Newton's laws of motion in a real-world context.
The Ares III crew successfully rescues Mark Watney from Mars. During the rescue operation, Mark and Melissa spin uncontrollably due to the lack of air resistance and thus friction in this demonstration of Newton's laws of motion.
Winifred struggles with Max in an attempt to drain his life force and resurrect herself and her two sisters. The Sanderson sisters fly to Winifred's aid, but Max's friends stop them by pulling on the rope, which turns into a tug of war.
The Coyote attempts to outrun the Road Runner with his new device, but unfortunately it doesn't account for turning. The fan-powered sail illustrates a violation of Newton's Third Law of Motion.
Beakman explains Newton's Third Law of Motion and plays a video that offers some examples of it in action. Then they conduct a demonstration of the law using a balloon and a toy car.