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  • Beakman's World: Different Densities

    Beakman explains density by weighing out different volumes of different items. He then shows how a balloon filled with helium is less dense than one filled with our own air so therefore it rises.

  • Crash Course: Biology: Water Density & Heat Capacity

    Hank explains why solid water is less dense than liquid water even though solids are typically more dense than liquids. He also discusses how the high heat capacity of water helps support life on Earth. He uses the bodily process of sweating to exemplify water's unique properties.

  • Beakman's World: Tricks with Density

    Beakman plays a trick on Lester where he labels one egg "F" to indicate that it will float and labels another egg "S" to indicate that it will sink. He then places them in two beakers of water. Beakman explains that he put sugar in one beaker of water so that the egg labeled "F" is now less dense than the water with sugar in it.

  • Beakman's World: Air Density

    Beakman creates a paper spiral that hangs over a lamp and heats the air by turning the lamp on. When this happens, the hot air is less dense and starts to rise causing the spiral to spin.

  • Boy Meets World: Air Pollution Presentation

    Cory and Shawn present their report on air pollution, in which they contend that the air density affects the performance of baseball teams during home games. This is because the air density affects the speed at which the ball travels through the air. They use the Colorado Rockies and the Philadelphia Phillies as examples: The Rockies average four more home runs per game because Colorado's air is much cleaner than Philadelphia's.