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The video explains what weathervanes are and why they were built. Weathervanes were created in talls places in order to capture wind and detect the weather. This makes it so that there are clear directions and readings of what the weather will be. The clip also explains how weathervanes were made 2,000 years ago in Greece and China.
Neil deGrasse Tyson explains the difference between climate and weather while walking on a beach with a dog. He mentions that climate is the weather of a region over a long period of time, while weather is short-term. He uses the dog's path to illustrate the variance of weather patterns and his own path to illustrate the consistency of climate.
Sabrina describes both weather and climate then explains the difference between the two. She also provides several examples of different weather conditions.
This clip illustrates the various weather conditions (sun, snow, rain, thunderstorms) and briefly explains each one.
Bill Nye is obssessed with erosion and explains that rocks change over time. He explains what causes weathering (although he calls it erosion): water, ice, wind, sand, and chemicals. He illustrates the process of erosion in his lab.