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An alien has taken control of the ship, and the crew need to fight it. Spock explains the situation in terms of biology: the ship is the body, the crew are the blood cells, and the alien is the virus.
A group of platelets struggle to unload the materials needed to "fix" a road, referring to a blood vessel of the body. Red Blood Cell and White Blood Cell help them aside from their mission of finding the invading pneumococcus.
Rick sends Morty to Anatomy Park so that he can find Doctor Bloom and help save Reuben's life from within his body. As Morty navigates through Anatomy Park, he finds body parts, such as the spleen and pancreas, along with red blood cells. These bodily components are illustrated in an excellent manner.
Watch how cyclists train to perform in high temperatures! They utilize thermodynamics to recreate the intense track they will be cycling in.
Red Blood Cell gets cornered by the Pneumococcus but gets saved by White Blood Cell through transmigration. White Blood Cell faces the bacterium but is overwhelmed by its powerful capsule.