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The song describes how students can apply data about how their height grows each year in the form of fractions on a line plot.
In order to beat Dr. Strange, Spiderman uses geometry. He notices an Archimedes spiral and lists some geometric terms such as squaring the radius, dividing by Pi, and plotting points.
Ormie the Pig does everything in his power to reach the jar of cookies. His creativity and determination help him reach his goal, but a turn of events results in a comical and unfortunate ending.
Two street performers try to win the affection of a young boy, who wants to give money to the best performer. As it turns out, the young boy is a better performer than both of them.
Mathias is found guilty for uttering the name of their lord, Jehovah, and is sentenced to death by stoning. The crowd that is to stone Mathias does not listen to the persecutor's orders, making the process take longer. The crowd's lack of listening skills results in the persecutor being persecuted instead of the "criminal."