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A short biography of Nelson Mandela, human rights activist and 27-year prisoner who challenged the Apartheid system in South Africa and became the country's first black president.
The South Africa national rugby team, Springboks, teaches a group of young children how to play rugby. Rugby is central to South African culture and was instrumental in the post-Apartheid nation-building process.
Nelson Mandela goes against the advice of his advisors and party in the selection of the South African Rugby team, as he sees it as an opportunity to overcome past hatred and rebuild the nation.
This clip explains apartheid and how, for nearly half a century, non-white South Africans were stripped of their freedoms and suffered under government imposed restrictions. It discusses how individuals were classified using the pencil test and how defiance and protest led to the end of apartheid.
We take a look at the timeline to the 17th century and Europe was firmly in its Age of Exploration. The Dutch East India Company was settling on the cape Peninsula, where the Boer War would begin.