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Mr. Vivian Thomas receives an honorary doctorate from Johns Hopkins University for his splendid work as a toolmaker, mechanic, and surgeon. He was under the mentorship of Alfred Blalock and was brought from Vanderbilt University to Johns Hopkins University.
Prior to attending The Soapie Awards, Joey practices his winning and losing facial expressions, but he forgets about them when he attends the event.
Skarr is awarded the "Best Neighbor" award, despite Billy ruining the garden he cultivated to win the award. Although Skarr was in a better position due to Billy's actions he attempts to murder Billy out of revenge. Billy points out all of Skarr's new benefits to convice him his revenge is senseless, but Skarr goes through with trying to kill him anyway. Skarr tells Billy "remember, this is what you get for being a bad neighbor," and Billy points out how it's Skarr who is the bad neighbor for trying to kill him.
Stan describes the conditions for a patent to be awarded. He mentions that an invention must be patentable, useful, new, nonobvious, and enabling.
Mandy leads a team of scouts selling cookies in hopes of winning an award. She motivates her team, watches them from a distance, mitigates failure indirectly, and only intervenes when she needs to.