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O.B. Williams and Ruth Robeson rush to get their son to safety when the fighting in Tulsa, Oklahoma breaks out. Groups of armed white residents attacked black residents and businesses of the Greenwood District, leaving many businesses destroyed and many residents wounded or killed. O.B. and Ruth send their son off to a safer place to ensure his safety.
Frankin discusses music's history and its role in creating solidarity in the Black community.
Jackie Robinson questions Mr. Rickey on his mission. Mr. Rickey states that he loves baseball and gave his whole life to it. Forty years ago, he was a coach who felt he did not do enough to support colored players in baseball.
Has profanity
PeeWee approaches Mr. Rickey to tell him that he received a letter stating that people are not too happy about him playing with Jackie Robinson. Mr. Rickey responds by showing him the folders of death threats to Jackie to put the situation into perspective.
Malcolm X gives a riveting speech in which he reminds his community that, before all else, they are Black. He encourages solidarity among his audience and inspires them to take control away from the white man.