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Has profanity
Bow posts on Facebook her views on vaccines. She gets sucked into the debate with other friends on Facebook and becomes frustrated with their views.
Has profanity
Peter is very cautious of taking the COVID-19 vaccine. To ease his fear and anxiety Brian and Stewie take a trip inside his body and explain how the vaccine works and why he should not be afraid of it.
Beakman explains what a vaccine is by acting like Edward Jenner. He explains how Jenner created the first vaccine using cow pox. Then Beakman uses a large ball (cell) with holes in it (receptors) and explains how viruses (a cube with pegs on it) attack our cells by attaching to the cell (pegs on virus go in holes aka receptors on cell). Beakman likens antibodies to cowboys ready to fight and explains how the immune system is normally triggered from a virus, unless that virus is too fast, then the body can't catch up. He then explains that vaccines work tricking the immune system into going ahead and making antibodies so that when you really do get sick, you can put up a better fight.
The CDC attempts to find a solution for a worldwide epidemic. However, it is easier said than done because the vaccine must go through an extensive process before it can be released to the public.
Lois chooses not the vaccinate Stewie and decides to try to change the mind of others.