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Forrest tells the story of his time serving in the Vietnam War. He and his unit were searching for the Viet Cong, nicknamed "Charlie," and needed to be cautious of ambushes and other attacks. As Forrest tells his story, he describes the climate and terrain of the country.
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On Chrismas Eve, 1979, a combined air and land invasion of Afghanistan commenced. The Red army quickly seized many urban areas, roads, and communication lines. Amin himself was captured and executed how will the Afghan war end.
Afghanistan is a landlocked country that sits in harsh, almost inhospitable area between the traditional crossroads of great powers. Forces from India, the far East, the middle east, and the west have all attempted to pass and fallen before Afghanistan, the grave yard of empires.
An older British reporter shares perspective with a young U.S. doctor on the Vietnam War.
Has profanity
A young recruit writes a letter to his grandma in which he shares his innermost thoughts about his experiences in the Vietnam War.