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Sophie discusses how plants and animals need to compete in order to survive and the role that adaptations play in their ability to survive. She explains how several animals and bugs have adapted to become better suited to surviving in city environments.
Has profanity
Laroche and Orlean are at a flower show looking at different flowers. Laroche spots an orchid and notes that Darwin hypothesized that a moth with a proboscis of 12 inches pollinated it. Laroche then discusses how each flower and insect that pollinates it are unique, and neither one of them realizes how vital they are to one another.
Hank explains adaptive immune systems and how they function to fight against pathogens ny creating antibodies.
Hank the octopus uses numerousĀ defense mechanismsĀ to hide, sneak around, and protect both himself and Dory from danger. TheseĀ mechanismsĀ include the expulsion of ink and camouflage.
Bill Nye introduces reptiles and explains how they are able to live in different environments around the world by regulating their own body temperature. As cold-blooded organisms, they don't keep the same body temperature throughout the day.