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Has profanity
Detective Spooner tries to interrogate Sonny, a robot, to find out why he murdered his creator, Alfred Lanning. Spooner challenges Sonny's claims that robots can feel emotions and dreams; however, Sonny appears to convince him otherwise as the conversation progresses. Sonny then reveals that Lanning had asked him for a favor. As Lanning is someone he loves, Sonny felt obliged to do what was asked of him.
Frank asks Robot if he knows what stealing is and then tells him he stole an object shaped as a cat. Robot responds to Frank in a very human-like manner.
Count Rugen takes Westley to the Pit of Despair and tests his torture machine on him. His goal is to collect information for his study on pain. After he runs Westley through the first setting of the machine, he asks him to share his experience.