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Hypatia of Alexandria explains that the center of a circle is always the same distance from any other point of the circle. She also states that a circle is a special type of ellipse.
Circles are a part of a lot of things: a soccer ball, a clock, and pancakes to name a few! Learn more about this shape with this StoryBots song.
Max, Lilly, and Goo are tasked with walking Mr. Crankypants Monster pet but first they must find him behind a round door with a square shaped knob.
Matt, Digit, and Slider make a fake ring that looks just like the original in order to trick Hacker. They have the plan from which the original ring was made and simply need to adjust the radius of the inner and outer circles. Digit is confused, so Matt explains what the radius is and how it influences the size of a circle. Slider uses a tool to create the correct ring size, while Digit adds the markings to finalize the fake ring.
The CyberSquad and Slider need to find the center of the circle and place the ring there in order to save Cyberspace. Inez and Jackie make a pattern of the circle using cloth and mark halfway points in each direction by folding the cloth evenly. Matt tests that they have marked the exact center by using his yoyo string to ensure ensure that every point on the edge is the same distance from the alleged center.