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This clip explains how World War I came to be a global war after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia for the assassination, and each country's allies declare war on the opposing countries.
Mr. Thompson struggles to get his students to recall basic facts about Europe and World War II.
Mead brings a radio to the Frank family and informs Anne of the events going on the world and what that means for the family.
This clip gives some background and an overview of World War I. It states that the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand started the war and that the conflict spread across the world, involving 30 countries and 65 million soldiers. It puts into perspective the scale of the conflict and offers some fun facts, such as a soccer game between the German and British troops near Ypres, Belgium. Finally, it indicates how the Treaty of Versailles' destabilized the region, which helped Adolf Hitler rise to power.
Yakko lists out all of the nations in the world while also showing their location on the world map.