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Mr. Simonet gives his students a year-long assignment: "Think of an idea to change our world - and put it into ACTION!" He creates this assignment to prove to his students that, despite their age and current situation, they can indeed change the world. Mr. Simonet inspires his students by suggesting that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.
Has profanity
Coach Carter talks to his players about the importance of their future and their chance at attending college. He encourages them to analyze their lives and make choices to better themselves.
Jimmy's parents have left for an extended vacation, as did the rest of the adults in the entire city. The kids run the city and follow no rules.
Has profanity
A high school basketball team shows their coach they are capable of following through with commitment. They complete their school assignments after being benched from breaking an academic contract with Coach Carter.
Akeelah makes it all the way to the final round of the National Spelling Bee, but prior to it, she overhears a heated conversation between her rival, Dylan, and his father. She decides to lose on purpose so that Dylan will win the competition and the affection of his father. Dylan later states that he wants to win only when Akeelah is trying her best.