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Has profanity
Hooli conducts a focus group for its new operating system, Nucleus. The focus group participants don't have positive first impressions.
The team behind the popular show, Itchy & Scratchy, holds a focus group with Bart, Lisa, and other kids from Springfield to learn what kids like and dislike about the show. The kids respond positively to the clips shown to them, and the team gathers more information on what they would like to see in the show.
Has profanity
Pied Piper conducts a focus group to learn what users think of its platform, and the results aren't positive. After talking with Monica, Richard discovers what the company has been doing wrong: building the platform for engineers, not the average user.
Has profanity
Richard crashes the focus group to explain how Pied Piper works. The group disliked the application because they couldn't understand the technology behind it.
Inspector Lee has James Carter chasing him all throughout Los Angeles but eventually is caught when he loses focus. Throughout the chase, however, he remains creative and persistent in his elusive ways.