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The narrator shows Donald Duck several occurrences of mathematical forms in nature, such as the petuna, the starfish, and the wax flower. He explains that math can be found in music, art, and virtually all other aspects of the world.
CharlieĀ demonstrates how math is all over in the universe. He shows how, even in simple ways, mathematics is evident.
The applicability of numbers is everywhere, and a deeper meaning of them can be found in the Torah. The ancient Jews used Hebrew as their numerical system. Maximillian Cohen then goes on to describe the golden ratio and Fibonacci Sequence.
Max describes the golden spiral and believes that all matter is infused with it.
Henry Weston is interviewing forĀ an accountant position, and as a first test, Mr. Magorium asks him to recite the 11th through the 16th numbers in the Fibonacci sequence. He correctly lists the 11th through 15th numbers,Ā and both characters seem to overlook that he missed the 16th number, 987.