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A company can be wildly successful yet file for bankruptcy if it does not know how to pivot and keep up with customer preference. A company constantly needs to reinvent itself to stay lean and relevant.
Has profanity
Howard gives a speech to his staff about a secret and cutting-edge product that will soon be unveiled. During his speech, he commends his staff and indicates the need to rethink the company's approach. The competitive environment has changed, and the company's old approach will no longer be enough to remain relevant. As Howard gives his speech, Richard reads aloud a copy of the speech that his staff has intercepted.
Alex notices that the company stifles innovation through its procedures of approval and rallies the engineers to change the situation. She suggests that the engineers, not their managers, should be leading the company and asks them if they have any ideas to improve the company. All of the engineers raise their hands. By helping to put the engineers in charge, Alex is tilting the corporate structure for the benefit of the company.
After one scam attempt fails, Eddy rebrands it multiple times, with minimal effort each time, and expects it to catch on. The other kids don't fall for it because they know it's the same recycled idea.