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The narrator describes how the Aryans clashed with Alexander the Great's army in India, and how an Indian Buddhist Emperor, Ashoka, recorded the first attempt at political unity in India. It is then explained how Ashoka created the idea of nonviolence. Ashoka also created the idea of conquering by right conduct, or Dhamma, and it is described how this was modern for its time.
Alexander rallies his troops before the battle at Guagamala by reminding them what they are fighting for.
Offers an explanation for the disappearance of the tomb of Alexander the Great during the rise of Christianity. As Alexander had been deified, early Christians saw his tomb as a challenge to the worldly triumph of Christianity and sought to erase it from the historical record.
Linus' class gives a presentation on America's great inventors, from the creation of the telephone to the electric light. Linus starts by talking about the invention of the telephone.
The Brain explains why learning about history is important. He states how he would improve upon the flaws of many past leaders, including as Cleopatra, Hannibal, Attila, Alexander The Great, and Napoleon.