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An elderly woman wants to eat her cookies in peace but is soon disturbed by a teenager who eats right out of her cookie bag. Little does she know that she was actually eating his cookies, and he was sharing with her.
Johnny and Bough's attempt to take down a villain fails due to miscommunication.
Carol uses words in the wrong context to intentionally have her co-worker lose language skills.
Abbott and Costello help a woman get her car out of being wedged in between two other cars. Costello gets frustrated with Abbott's instructions of "back up" and "go ahead."
Cristina and her cousinĀ Flor have recently emigrated from Mexico to Los Angeles. In an effort to build a better life for themselves, they take on an opportunity as a housekeeper for the Clasky household. Along the way, both parties are faced with communication difficulties but gradually learn how to relate.