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Grim proposes the Person Scouts make their own cookies after Billy eats all of the cookies they were supposed to sell. After baking a batch, Billy and Mandy sample the cookies to realize they are delicious. Knowing their consumer base will also love the cookies, Billy and his friend give out a cookie to each potential customer, resulting in sales at each doorstep and implied word-of-mouth advertising from satisfied customers.
Nathan sets up his employee on a blind date in a Quiznos restaurant, with the goal of promoting the restaurant.
In a company meeting, Carter Durye gives an energetic speech on using synergy to improve the magazine's advertising pages.
Has profanity
Violet is not considered for a promotion despite her extensive years of experience. Her manager is very forthright in his reasoning - he needs a man to take the role.
Ron Swanson creates a commercial, and it is clear he does not beg for customers.