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Has profanity
During Andy's product pitch, he realizes that his audience is disengaged and adjusts his pitch to grab their attention. Instead of highlighting the technicalities of his product, he uses a demonstration to back up the claims that his product is safe and non-toxic, unlike competing products.
Tony Stark presents a new missile system to a group of high-ranking military men. He delivers a product pitch while engaging in a product demo.
The approach with the advertising campaigns has shifted from focus on the products and services to attractive women representing the brand.
Has profanity
The Coca-Cola Kid explains Coca-Cola's marketing strategy to the team in Australia.
Elena wants to help her friend Brittany raise enough money to go on her school trip. The SMC gang helps her find the missing ingredient to make the business a success. Watch Warren Buffett’s Secret Millionaires Club on the Kid Genius channel on Xfinity. Visit SMCKIDS.COM for webisodes, comics, games, and more!