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  • Histeria!: The Invasion Song

    Has profanity
    This song provides insight on world power and the invasions that have occurred over the decades.

  • Community: The Yalta Conference

    Annie Kim shares three key points brought up by the Yalta Conference which include: the demilitarization of Germany, the establishment of Poland's borders, and the formation of the United Nations. 

  • CrashCourse: The Vedas

    John explains the historical background of Hinduism and summarizes a few sections of The Vedas, the earliest texts of the religion. He describes Dharma and how the Caste System is the foundation for Dharma. He also talks about Samsara, Moksha, and Karma. He references quotes from several religious texts in his explanation.

  • Bet You Didn't Know: World War I Overview

    This clip gives some background and an overview of World War I. It states that the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand started the war and that the conflict spread across the world, involving 30 countries and 65 million soldiers. It puts into perspective the scale of the conflict and offers some fun facts, such as a soccer game between the German and British troops near Ypres, Belgium. Finally, it indicates how the Treaty of Versailles' destabilized the region, which helped Adolf Hitler rise to power.

  • Bet You Didn't Know: History of Trench Warfare

    This clip discusses the origins and evolution of trench warfare and its use in several prominent wars, such as the American Civil War, and World War I. It also explains how the typical trench system was designed during World War I and how the modern day trenchcoat was inspired by a coat made for soldiers in the trenches.