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  • Community: The Yalta Conference

    Annie Kim shares three key points brought up by the Yalta Conference which include: the demilitarization of Germany, the establishment of Poland's borders, and the formation of the United Nations. 

  • Histeria!: The Yalta Conference

    Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin and Franklin Roosevelt come together at the Yalta Conference to decide how to reorganize Europe. Several children enter the meeting and use different foods to symbolize the preferences of each of the world leaders.

  • United Newsreel: 1944 to 1945: Conference in Crimea

    The three world leaders Joseph Stalin, Winston Churchill, and Franklin Roosevelt come together during the Yalta Conference to decide how Germany will be defeated, divided and punished. Each leader has his own special interests, and together they decide on their post-war zones of influence across the globe. The Yalta Conference inadvertently set the rules for the Cold War.

  • CrashCourse: The Spread of Christianity

    John Green discusses how Jesus spread Christianity using his public image of being considered the Messiah. He also mentions a couple of historical reasons for Christianity becoming a world religion: The Jews opening up their religion to non-Jews, and Saul of Tarsus (Paul the Apostle) actively spreading Christianity throughout the Mediterranean.

  • CrashCourse: The Vedas

    John explains the historical background of Hinduism and summarizes a few sections of The Vedas, the earliest texts of the religion. He describes Dharma and how the Caste System is the foundation for Dharma. He also talks about Samsara, Moksha, and Karma. He references quotes from several religious texts in his explanation.