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Rita O'Grady works for the Ford Motor Co. plant in Dagenham, England. Despite performing the specialized task of sewing upholstery for car seats, women are classified as unskilled labor and paid much less than men. Encouraged by a sympathetic union representative, Rita agrees to bring the women's grievances to Ford.
The men suggest that women already have equal rights, but the women claim that they aren't able to fully exercise them because of how they are treated. Lucy tells the men that women want to be treated exactly as if they were men.
A biography on Civil Rights icon Cesar Chavez, from his humble beginnings to leading his farmworkers union in huge strikes to protest mistreatment.
After a peaceful protest against the denial of voting rights to African Americans, President Johnson announces the Voting Rights Act of 1965.
Dot is frustrated as she discovers that cartoons don't have the right to vote. Consequently, she leads a march to the U.S. Capitol to petition for those rights. This musical performance showcases the need for The People to fight for their rights through these cartoon characters.