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SpongeBob puts himself and Patrick into the category of a child because they have certain habits and tendencies, and he acts as if they can't change. Mindy tries to rally them to change their thinking. At the end, she instills courage in them by tricking them with her "magic" that turns them into men.
Bruno Mars sings an encouragingĀ song with the Sesame Street puppetsĀ about not giving up whenever you don't succeed the first time. The upbeat tone of the song and the lyrics tap into the emotions of the listener.
Sally Carrera advises Lightning McQueen to learn from failure and not give up despite the odds against him. She encourages McQueen to try something different and continue training to win the next race.
Ormie the Pig does everything in his power to reach the jar of cookies. His creativity and determination help him reach his goal, but a turn of events results in a comical and unfortunate ending.
Mr. Simonet gives his students a year-long assignment: "Think of an idea to change our world - and put it into ACTION!" He creates this assignment to prove to his students that, despite their age and current situation, they can indeed change the world. Mr. Simonet inspires his students by suggesting that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.