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  • Beakman's World: Centripetal Force

    Beakman attaches a small weight to the end of a string and puts it in a tube with a barbell attached to the other end of the string. While spinning the top weight in a circle, he creates a pull in the middle and it pulls up on the barbell.

  • Finding Nemo: Swim Down

    Dory, Marlin, and Nemo are on their way back to their home when fisherman in the area scoop up many fish, including Dory. The boat starts to hoist the net and the fish out of the water. Nemo tells his father, Marlin, that the only way to save Dory is for all of the fish in the net to swim down. After all of the fish swim down together, they break the net and free themselves and Dory.

  • Science Max: Tides and Gravity

    Buster Beaker explains how high and low tides are affected by the gravity of the moon and the sun. He illustrates the phenomenon using a cookie, a mushroom, and a lemon.

  • Sesame Street: Grover Uses Force

    Grover explains and demonstrates the concept of force by pulling a rope. He also illustrates how to influence force by inviting friends to pull the rope with him.

  • Beakman's World: Inertia Keeps us Grounded

    Through a cartoon movie, Beakman explains why your stomach feels weird on a roller coaster and why the biggest hill is the first one. He hangs a bowling ball from the ceiling with a cable and then swings the ball to squish a watermelon (energy in and energy out). He then puts himself where the watermelon was and shows that the ball can't swing any farther than the point at which he lets go. Beakman goes on to explain that centripetal force prevents us from falling out of the roller coaster and demonstrates it. He uses a tray containing a glass of milk and a cupcake and quickly spins it around to show that nothing falls off. He then explains why inertia keeps us from falling to the ground and brings all of the concepts together.