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An introduction to the properties of H2O and its components: hydrogen and oxygen. This clip also explains that water has highest cohesion of any nonmetallic liquid, which allows other substances to stick to it.
Phil tries to pour himself some water, but some of the water sticks to the pouring glass and spills onto his plate of food. He explains why this happens: because water likes to stick to things due to its cohesive properties. He offers suggestions to prevent water from sticking to the pouring glass, such as changing the angle at which the water is poured out.
Beakman explains what adhesion and surface tension are while making DIY bubbles. Then using a rubber band, he shows that the soap film will stick to any edge inside of the rubber band regardless of shape. If you remove the rubber band, then the molecules will stick together in their smallest shape which is a sphere. Then a man demonstrates that there can be square "bubbles" and rainbow shaped "bubbles."
Beakman challenge: pour water from one beaker to another, keeping them far apart. Take yarn and dip it into on beaker and then pull the yarn tight and put the end in another beaker. The water will travel down the yard that is soaked in water due to adhesion and cohesion.