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The colonists and the Algonquins sing a song in which they call the other party savages while preparing for battle. They are different in their preparation yet similar in their mindset that the other party consists of savages.
Camp Hope and Camp MVP compete in the annual Apache Relay, a series of challenges that test the physical and mental capabilities of the campers. From the way the campers prepare for the relay to their comfort level with the obstacles, it is evident that there exists a different culture in each camp. Despite their differences, both camps appear to have high morale and value both teamwork and sportsmanship.
The pyramid is collapsing, and Rick and Imhotep are in a perilous situation. Despite the dangerous environment, Evelyn risks her life to save Rick, while Anck Su Namun makes the decision to save herself and leave Imhotep.
Scar is willing to do anything to have power and control. Scar demonstrates that power and control can turn us selfish and impact others negatively. Meanwhile, Simba's motivation for power is fairness and restoring the good.
Just before Rose DeWitt Bukater boards the ship, the Titanic, her cocky fiance Cal Hockley raises a deathflag by declaring the ship to be unsinkable, and is later proven wrong.