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Beakman explains what polymers are and mentions the various materials around us that are made of polymers. He explains that the materials are all different because of the way in which the monomers are linked together. Then they create a DIY slime with borax, which is a type of polymer.
Sal puts all of the polymers in his shop on sale, which means just about every item has been discounted. He mentions the different types of polymers that exist and illustrates that they are more than plastics.
Hank explains polymers, describes some of their properties, and explains how they are formed. He also explains what you need to make a polymer: a molecule that can easily bond to another identical molecule at two points. Hank focuses on the polymer, Polyethylene, because it is the most common plastic in the world, and discusses its nomenclature.
A trip to a cell to hunt for DNA teaches the StoryBots about how DNA is structured with Ms. Polymerase.
Hank explains that DNA stores our genetic instructions and illustrates how DNA is structured. He explains the parts of the Double Helix structure and uses a book to put into perspective just how many base pairs are tightly packed in each chromosome.