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  • Frozen: Chased By Wolves

    cause and effect
    Anna convinces Kristoff to take her to the North Mountain, and on the journey, they encounter wolves. Anna helps fight off the wolves, and they escape danger at the expense of Kristoff's new sled. Kristoff initial says he will not help Anna again because the experience ruined him but changes his mind when he acknowledges he needs her help to replace his sled.

  • Frozen: Elsa Runs Away

    phase changes
    molecules and compounds
    states of matter
    Elsa unintentionally reveals her ice powers when Anna takes off one of her gloves. She runs away from the townspeople after a series of accidents so as not to cause more harm and lose more of the trust of her fellow townspeople.

  • Frozen: Big Summer Blowout

    economic environment
    supply and demand
    Anna visits Wandering Oaken's Trading Post and Sauna, where he is selling summer items during the cold winter. Anna expresses demand for winter garments, but Oaken has limited stock. When Kristoff enters the store, he states that he sells ice for a living, to which Anna responds is a tough business to be in currently.

  • Frozen: Anna Saves Elsa

    Anna freezes to death while shielding Elsa from Hans's sword. Elsa is devasted, but Anna is able to be saved in the end.