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  • Silicon Valley: Pied Piper Needs to Pivot

    Has profanity
    Pied Piper's future looks grim, so Jared sets out to pivot the company even though no one else on the team agrees with his thinking. He ventures out and surveys random people in order to find a new direction for the company. This is a good example of how NOT to survey people about a product or service.

  • Silicon Valley: Hooli Phone Focus Group

    Has profanity
    focus group
    market research
    Hooli conducts a focus group for its new operating system, Nucleus. The focus group participants don't have positive first impressions.

  • Silicon Valley: Parking Lot App

    idea generation
    A parking lot app idea is conceived, and the initial questions about it revolve around how it is different from a notepad. Idea generation involves a series of questions to ensure the idea is feasible and that there is a market for it.

  • Silicon Valley: Cross Examinations

    As Big Head gets interrogated by a lawyer about his involvement with the Pied Piper team, he can't help but get distracted and confused by the lawyer's use of negatives. 

  • Silicon Valley: What Did I Buy?

    evaluating a company
    Peter tells Richard and Erlich what he values in a company when they incorrectly guess his reason for deciding to fund Pied Piper. Peter states that he invested in the team and tells them to get the company in order or he will not fund them.