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  • Ralph Breaks the Internet: Going to the Internet

    how the internet works
    the internet
    Ralph and Vanellope travel through the internet in order to reach Ebay. Each step of their journey is depicted in the context of the current internet infrastructure: they travel through wires and in packets to their destination. This clip illustrates how the internet works at a high level.

  • Ralph Breaks the Internet: Popup Ads

    popup ads
    digital security
    Ralph and Vanellope visit Ebay and are immediately bombarded by ads. Ralph is enticed by them and almost gets sidetracked, but Vanellope pushes him to keep moving towards their intended destination.

  • Ralph Breaks the Internet: Bidding at Ebay

    spending money
    digital commerce
    Ralph and Vanellope outbid another bidder for the Sugar Rush Steering Wheel. Initially, their bids are slightly above the other bidder's; however, they get carried away and bid an enormous price for the steering wheel. It's evident that they don't understand the implications of their high bid.

  • Ralph Breaks the Internet: The Mean Comments

    digital etiquette
    Ralph visits the comments section and discovers that people are talking about him and his videos. Although there are a few positive comments about him, there are many more negative and hateful comments, and it hurts his self-esteem. Yesss tries to comfort him by advising him to ignore the comments.