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  • Nuremberg (2000): Only Following Orders

    History → World War II → The Nuremberg Trials
    Ranking Nazi soldiers and bureaucrats are presented to the United States Army before the Nuremberg Trials. One of the ranking soldiers protests, saying the famous line that they "were only following orders."

  • Nuremberg (2000): Not Guilty

    History → World War II → The Nuremberg Trials
    The defendents at the Nuremberg Trials enter their pleas before the trial commences. They each declare that they are not guilty in this historically accurate depiction of the trial.

  • Nuremberg (2000): Auschwitz Details

    History → World War II → The Nuremberg Trials
    Rudolf Höss, commandant of Auschwitz, is questioned by Chief U.S. Prosecutor Robert H. Jackson. He describes the changes in the camp, from detention center to death camp, and goes into detail about the camp's efficiency. Important to note is that, while Höss' testimony is accurate, in reality, Prison Chief Interrogator Colonel John Amen read the details from an affidavit (Document 3868-PS) submitted by Höss at the request of the Prosecution.