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  • Key & Peele: Auction Block

    American History → Slavery → Slave Auctions
    Key & Peele are slaves in an auction. At first, they do not want to be owned by another human being. After it becomes apparent that the white men are bidding on only the slaves on Lot A, Key & Peele start marketing themselves.

  • Key & Peele: School Bully

    Psychology → Behavioral Psychology → Bullying
    Key and Peele perform a skit that brings attention to the deeper reasons that kids bully each other. Peele bullies Key while he is reading a book and explains on a deep level why he makes each of his remarks.

  • Key & Peele: Being Too Nice

    Lifestyle → Career → Workplace Altruism
    Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele to demonstrate the extreme art of workplace altruism.

  • Key & Peele: Competition in the Workplace

    Management → Employee Productivity → Competition
    Key and Peele quietly compete with each other on who has the better hair.

  • Key & Peele: Obama Meet & Greet

    Sociology → Discrimination → Racial Bias
    Peele, as President Obama, greets some onlookers after giving a speech and doesn't treat everyone the same way.