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  • National Geographic: How Chameleons Change Color

    Science → Biology → Chameleons
    New research suggests that the way chameleons change color is very different from what scientists had assumed. In this week's "Today I Learned" filmmaker and National Geographic Grantee Jason Jaacks explains that the color change is controlled by nanocrystals in a top layer of the lizards' skin.

  • National Geographic: What is Day of the Dead?

    Latin American History → Holidays → Day of the Dead
    This clip introduces the history and tradition behind the Mexican holiday, Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. It explains how the holiday is celebrated and why it is celebrated.

  • National Geographic: The Ebola Virus

    Health Education → Infection → Ebola
    Ebola is a rare, but extremely dangerous disease. Find out how many strains of Ebola exist, how the Ebola virus attacks its host, and the symptoms caused by the virus.

  • National Geographic: Tackling Plastic Waste

    Ecology → Pollution → Plastic Pollution
    One group of local fisherman in Kenya are building a boat entirely from plastic waste to raise awareness about marine plastic pollution.

  • National Geographic: Stars

    Astronomy → Celestial Objects → Stars
    Countless stars dot the night sky. Learn how these celestial objects form, how they are classified by brightness and temperature, and what happens when they die.