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  • Hidden Figures: Bathroom Speech

    American History → Civil Rights → Bathroom Inequality
    Katherine Johnson gives a speech about how she has to travel half a mile just to use the bathroom because of the lack of coloured bathrooms in the office building she works in. She indicates that she isn't treated equally as as a result.

  • Hidden Figures: Euler's Method

    Math → Calculus → Euler's Method
    The team at NASA is trying to launch a capsule and bring it back to Earth. To do so, they need to calculate its change in trajectory as it moves from an elliptical orbit to a parabolical orbit. Katherine discovers that they can use Euler's Method to approximate the change in trajectory.

  • Hidden Figures: Kicked Out of the Library

    American History → Civil Rights → Segregation
    Dorothy Vaughn is in the library with her sons when she is kicked out to go use the colored library. While on the bus she discusses with her sons that seperate is not equal.

  • Hidden Figures: Be the First

    World Cultures → African American Culture → Segregation
    Mary Jackson petitions to the judge to be the first African American woman to attend an all-white high school during the segregation period in order to fulfill her NASA requirements.

  • Hidden Figures: Library

    World Cultures → African American Culture → Segregation
    Dorothy and her two sons attempt to get books at the library, but they are kicked out because of their skin color.