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  • Maths Mansion: Making Fractions

    Math → Fractions → Fractions of a Number
    Math → Arithmetic → Division
    Sad Man and Bad Man both illustrate that calculating the fraction of a whole number is the same as dividing by the denominator. Bad Man then challenges Amber and Ashley to match fractions with their equivalent divisions, and they complete the challenge successfully.

  • Maths Mansion: Finding Perpendicular Lines

    Math → Geometry → Perpendicular Lines
    Sad Man introduces the concept of perpendicular lines and looks for examples of them in the real world. Bad Man tests two kids on their knowledge of math and asks them to create perpendicuar lines.

  • Maths Mansion: Making Parallel Lines

    Math → Geometry → Parallel Lines
    Sad Man introduces the concept of parallel lines, while Bad Man tests two kids on their ability to create perpendicuar lines in a game. Bad Man later looks for examples of parallel lines on a basketball court while the players are in the middle of a game.

  • Maths Mansion: Reading The Clock

    Math → Measurement → Telling Time
    Sad Man sings a song in which he explains how to read the numbers on both a 12-hour and a 24-hour clock.

  • Maths Mansion: Adding Decimals

    Math → Decimals → Adding Decimals
    Bad Man challenges Sarah and Nico to add numbers with decimals up to the hundredths place. They walk through their process in a manner that is easy to follow and eventually calculate the correct answer. Before they start solving the problem, Bad Man reminds them to estimate so that they can quickly determine if they've gone astray.