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  • Office Space: What Would You Say You Do Here?

    Has profanity
    human resources
    employee relations
    job responsibilities
    The Bobs talk to an employee to try to understand his job responsibilities.

  • Office Space: We Fixed The Glitch

    human resources
    The Bobs talk to managers about their employees' employment status.

  • Office Space: Bob's Interview of a Typical Day

    Has profanity
    employee management
    understanding employee motivation
    When employees are putting in just enough effort to prevent themselves from getting fired, it is a good indication they are in need of a little motivation. Companies need to understand what motivates their employees - examples include monetary rewards and social mobility - then adapt to implement the correct incentives.

  • Office Space: Pass the Cake

    individual loss
    personal gain vs. group mentality
    This clip demonstrates the importance of considering how a decision may result in individual loss. Without the foresight, it can be easy for there to be a situation in which everyone wins and you take a loss.

  • Office Space: Joanna Quits With Flair

    human resources
    Bill talks to Joanna about her performance issues. Joanna gets fed up with her boss' demands and quits her job.