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  • Arrival: Part of a Whole

    converting to fractions
    intro to fractions
    Ian analyzes the data received by the aliens and shares his discovery with Louise. He visualizes the data and expresses as a decimal the amount of data relative to negative space: 0.0833, which he says is equivalent to 1/12. The two present their findings to the rest of the team and suggest that they are part of a larger whole.

  • Arrival: It's a Non-zero-sum Game

    non-zero-sum game
    Louise's daughter asks her for the technical term of a deal in which both sides can win, and Louise does not recall the term at the time. Louise's team has a discussion about their findings on alien data, and they realize that there are 12 total groups, each with a different set of data. They will need to share data with the other groups in order to obtain the full set of data, which they determine is a non-zero-sum game. Louise then recalls the technical term for a win-win situation and relays it to her daughter.

  • Arrival: Names

    language barrier
    communication difficulties
    Louise and Ian introduce themselves to the alien without their protective gear, and finally get an answer.