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  • Moana: Moana Restores the Heart

    social-emotional learning
    Moana returns the heart to Te Fiti, despite being scared.

  • Moana: Moana Looks for Maui

    language arts
    hero's journey
    call to adventure
    Tala gives her blessing to Moana to set sail and discover new territory their people.

  • Moana: Moana Saves the Turtle

    earth science
    tropical climate
    In this example of a tropical climate, Moana is on a beach in Hawaii with sunny weather and clear water. She saves a baby turtle whose life is in danger.

  • Moana: Know Who You Are

    world cultures
    cultural competence
    polynesian culture
    Moana braves the danger of facing Te Fiti, and uses her knowledge of her own culture to communicate effectively with Te Fiti to restore her island.

  • Moana: We Know The Way

    The Polynesian natives voyage through the seas to discover the many islands of Oceania. They use wayfinding techniques such as measuring the sky with their fingers to orient themselves.