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  • Scrubs: Owning Your Burdens is Half the Battle

    Health Education → Mental Disorders → Obsessive-compulsive Disorder
    J.D. is mad at Dr. Casey and wants to talk to him. When he finds Dr. Casey, he realizes that he is suffering from OCD and keeps washing his hands as a result. J.D. feels sympathy for Dr. Casey and is no longer angry at him because he sees the anguish on his face.

  • Scrubs: The Janitor's Requests

    Psychology → Social Psychology → Door-in-the-face Technique
    Dr. Cox is eager to watch an NBA game without anyone ruining the match for him. When The Janitor is about to reveal information about the game to him as revenge, Dr. Cox asks what it would take to be left alone. The Janitor makes several, unreasonable requests, which Dr. Cox turns down, then offers a more reasonable request, which Dr. Cox gladly accepts without trying to bargain further.