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  • Beakman's World: History of Magnets

    Beakman explains the history behind magnets and the difference between magnets and electromagnets. They then walk through making an electromagnet and demonstrate that the magnetic energy in the nail comes from the battery and isn't inherent in the nail. Beakman explains that the inherent energy separates electromagnets from regular magnets. Beakman then mentions some ways in which electromagnets are used in the world today.

  • Beakman's World: Engineering for Good

    Beakman discusses how biomedical engineers can create products to amplify body functions. Some examples are hearing aids and replacement organs. Beakman also covers prosthetics.

  • Beakman's World: Wheels and Friction

    Beakman tells a story about the theory of how Neanderthals invented the wheel and why. They explain that having wheels reduces friction and makes it easier to move things. Beakman demonstrates this using a wagon.

  • Beakman's World: Beauty Marks

    Beakman briefly explains the history of beauty marks and that melanin causes moles and freckles. Phoebe acts like Cleopatra and illustrate how she used emulsion to create skin creams. Beakman then goes on to describe emulsions.

  • Beakman's World: How do we Balance?

    Beakman explains balance in layman's terms. Balance Man comes in to explain how we keep our balance due the balance point. Beakman then creates a DIY balance point demo.